Moving Beyond is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.

Our start-up expenses are projected to be $8,200. To date, our founder has self-funded 30% of the start-up costs and has raised an additional $4,866 through donations. Start-up expenses include the following:

  • Rent & security deposit
  • State & federal business filings
  • Studio renovations & furnishings
  • Yoga & meditation equipment
  • Renter & liability insurance
  • Studio booking & membership software
  • Marketing (branding, website & advertising)
  • Unforeseen costs

It is our goal to raise additional donor funds to cover the remaining start-up expenses. Any donations that surpass our start-up fundraising goal will be used by Moving Beyond to facilitate and subsidize public outreach programs for individuals or groups that would not normally have an opportunity to participate in holistic wellness activities.

Please donate by clicking on the purple donate button. Your support is appreciated!