Do you have props available for use during classes?

Yes, we provide complimentary yoga mats, blocks, straps, bolsters, and meditation cushions for our students use during classes and events. We also have a water dispenser in our studio space to refill your water bottle or to make yourself a cup of hot tea.

Do you have a locker room and/or restroom?

We do not have a locker room. We have a coat rack and shoe storage available within the studio space for keeping personal belongings during class as we don't have a separate lobby space. We also share two restrooms with the other businesses on the same floor if you need a space to change into more comfortable clothes before class begins.

Do you have a parking lot?

No, we do not have a parking lot. There is metered parking available on Lake Street and Lyndale Ave. There is also a parking ramp on the north side of Lake Street off of Aldrich (Uptown Lake Apartments Public Parking) and a parking lot (2917 Aldrich Ave S Parking). Most students take advantage of non-metered street parking south of Lake Street on Aldrich Ave as well as on 31st Street.